Catering Options for any Event!


Our catering bundles are the perfect solutions for feeding large groups of people. Impress your guest with something more than just pizza or cold-cut sandwiches, and have them indulge in the rich and exotic flavors of our East African dishes.  

$169 Signature Choice Meat Package (Serves 10)

Choose one Meat from our Signature and more exotic meat options and also Choose your Veggie. Wali is included with this deal. 










$129.99 Top Choice Meat Package (Serves 10)

Choose one Meat from our most popular and loved meat options  and also Choose Your Veggie.  Package includes our signature Wali "Rice"


This is the option for all game days or for any other event. Enjoy our signature Jerk Chicken Fries and our Sambusas "African Pastry with meats/veggie filling"  Deal Comes with Jerk Fries for 5 people and 30 Sambusas. Mix and match your Sambusas from our 7 different varieties. 

This is the option for all of our Vegans and Veggie Lovers! You get our Wali and get to choose two veggies from our options. 

$75 Game Day Package 

$114.99 Veggie Package

(Serves 10)

Sides and Sambusas 

Meat/Veggie Options

Top Choice Meat

10 ppl


Signature Choice Meat

10 ppl



10 ppl



5 ppl


Signature Choice Meat

5 ppl





Top Choice Meat

5 ppl


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Top Choice Meat

- Chicken Curry

- Jerk Chicken

- Spicy Jerk Chicken

Signature Choice Meat

- Goat 

- Goat Curry

- Lamb Curry

- Oxtail

- Tilapia Fillet

- Beef Stew

- Kilimanjaro Beef Skewer


- Sukuma Wiki "Collard Greens"

- Dengu "Lentils"

- Biriganya "Eggplant"

- Wali "Rice"

- Nyoyo "Corns, Beans, Harmony"

- Sombe "Cassava"


- Coconut Cream Chesse Pineapple

- Spicy Beef

- Spicy Lentils

- Chicken

- Potato

- Spinach

- Shrimp

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